European Healthcare Distribution Association / Groupement International de la Répartition Pharmaceutique

GIRP team

The GIRP Secretariat is responsible for the coordination of GIRP’s activities and provides advice and consultancy services. Based in Brussels, the Secretariat synergizes the needs and actions of the organisation and is proactively involved in the European legislative process ensuring the optimum result for our members. The team is composed of highly motivated and experienced professionals who take care of every need of GIRP members and keep them up-to-date on current policy developments.

Monika Derecque-Pois

Monika is the Director General of the European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP). Monika was first appointed to her current position in 2001 and in her role she represents the interests of pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers in Europe towards supply chain partners and decision makers at the national, European and international level. Monika Derecque-Pois was born in Graz, Austria and has a degree in Economics from the University of Economics in Vienna, where she specialised in International Trade and Marketing.

Martin FitzGerald

Martin is the Deputy Director General for the European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP). Martin advises the Association on the matrix of legal issues impacting upon the interests of the pharmaceutical full-line wholesale sector in Europe. He also represents the association externally and in this respect works with the European institutions such as the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council as well as with other European and international organisations such as the Council of Europe and the WHO. Another important part of his work consists of liaising with European stakeholder associations and national health authorities.

Pauline Foucher

Pauline is the External Affairs Manager for the European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP). Pauline is responsible for the conception and publication of external communication material, conference content organisation (conference programmes, speakers, briefings,…), the ongoing relationship with GIRP retail partners and development of new information sessions as part of the event strategy.

Prior to working for GIRP, Pauline held the position of Press Attaché at the Embassy of France in New Zealand. She also worked as Communication and Liaison officer on the European project Link:Ed. Pauline studied Communication strategy and Event management at IAE Lille, Ecole universitaire de management. She speaks fluently French and English and understands Spanish.

Viktória Kéri

Viktória is the Communications and Event Manager for the European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP). Viktória is responsible for organising and running all GIRP events, development of print and online publications, website management and financial administration. Prior to GIRP Viktória has worked for EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC in Hungary. She studied at Budapest Business School – Faculty of International Management and Business in Hungary and at Hoogeschool West-Vlaanderen in Belgium. Viktória is fluent in Hungarian, English and French and understands German.

Mihai Rotaru

Mihai is the Corporate Affairs Manager for the European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP). Mihai is responsible for providing general assistance to the members of the association and for administering the General Assembly, Board, Managing Board, Council and various Committee meetings of the association. Prior to joining GIRP, Mihai has worked for an EU Affairs Consultancy managing and coordinating communication and public affairs projects and dossiers. Mihai holds a Bachelor degree in European Studies from the Faculty of European Studies, Cluj-Napoca, Romania and a Master degree in European Economics from the Institute for European Studies in Brussels, Belgium. He is a Romanian native speaker and is fluent in English and French, his other language proficiencies extending to Spanish and Italian.

Giulia Colombo

Giulia is the Regulatory Affairs Manager for the European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP). Giulia is responsible for providing the Association with legislative and regulatory updates and other issues impacting upon the interests of the pharmaceutical full-line wholesale sector in Europe. She is responsible for several working groups and project groups in the fields of legal and economic issues related to the pharmaceutical wholesale sector, the data collection and analysis of information from members. Prior to joining GIRP, Giulia completed her studies in Political Science in Milan, Italy and Freiburg, Germany. She holds a Bachelor Degree in International Studies and European Institutions, and Master Degree in International and European Policy. She speaks fluent English, German and Spanish, as well as conversational French, besides her native Italian.

Matthieu Bachely

Company :

Matthieu is the Developer and Webmaster of the GIRP website. He's managing, maintaining and improving the performance and security of the website; ensuring an easy way for visitors to navigate and find information. Matthieu is fluent in French and English.

Philippe Michotte

Company : Camtec SPRL

Philippe provides GIRP continuous IT technical support monitoring and maintaining the computer systems and networks of our organisation. He speaks fluent English besides his native French.

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